Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos


Life is like a mirror. We get to know who a man is and his brand perception through the testimonies of the people he interacts with in everyday life- at home, work, church and the community at large.

“An industrious child” --- Elementary School Head teacher. 1989

“A very hardworking and well behaved student” --- Secondary School Principal. 1995

“Most active Final Year Brethren (Graduating student) in evangelism subgroup”  --- Charis Fellowship International, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. 2001

“… found to be very hardworking, honest and highly dedicated. His output was consistently high and virtually error-free. He sought and readily accepted additional responsibilities. He was always ready to put extra efforts to ensure that set targets were met. He was very punctual and regular at work. Mr. Onajobi, Abidemi is very courteous and humane. Above all, he is very intelligent. I therefore strongly recommend him…..”   --- Mr. Joseph Iwelomen, Former Boss/Manager, Branch Operations Department, Central Bank of Nigeria, Lagos. 2003

I expected you will quit. I know one can’t keep a good guy for too long without being able to sell him aspirations…I apologize, if you have the feeling that we (the company) have wasted your time in any way. I hope you will oblige us if we call you for an exciting thing in the future.”  --- Former Boss. 2007

You have tried for us (the company). I believe you’re worth more than your new employer is offering you. You are still part of the family and we will always be in touch.” --- Former Boss (Company Proprietor). 2007

Your contribution to the team in the last few months was very focused and useful.” --- Former Boss. 2008

"Abidemi is a great team leader and player. He is a great initiator and applies his wit, thoroughness, process driven and project management knowledge to provide solution to the company needs. I personally learnt a lot from him and would cherish any opportunity to work with him again." ...Subordinate. 2010